Saturday, February 9, 2008

Truck Day!

Throw in three parts obsession and one part of actual significance, and what do you got? Truck Day. It's more an indicator of New England's obsession with the Red Sox than an actual celebration of sorts, but nonetheless Truck Day is tradition. After all, what better way to release some of Red Sox Nation's fervor than to team's equipment as it's shipped down to Florida?

The Boston Globe's photo gallery of the occasion looked the same as it always does. There's a large semi that pulls up the Fenway Park. Then some people move boxes into the truck. The truck fills up and the large semi pulls away, bound for Florida.

But winters always seem like they take too long. There's no such thing as being content with being World Series Champions. In fact, I'm not sure how many Red Sox fans would be with me, but I'd trade in 2007's Championship to see the 2008 season begin today. It's the means, not the end that is always so entertaining.

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