Sunday, February 10, 2008

Schilling's Injury Saves the Red Sox Money

See, there's a positive side to everything. Along with Schilling's weight clauses, he also had bonuses based on innings pitched. Schilling was set to make up to $3 million in extra bonuses for each inning he pitched based the 130 innings mark. Now Schilling almost surely won't see any of that money.

Along with the $3 million that could potentially save the Red Sox, Schilling probably won't make the $1 million he'd get for a Cy Young vote either. And it will be interesting to see how he does with those weight clauses. Of course the Red Sox will likely still have to pay the rest of his $8 million base salary. But if Schilling in fact doesn't pitch again, the team may be reimbursed at least some of that money.

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Steve said...

They wont get any of the base back unless he does something to make then attempt to void the contract like have surgery.