Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Spring Training Update

Red Sox pitchers and catchers officially report to Spring Training on Valentine's Day in eight days. And Truck Day is this Saturday. As for Red Sox players, it's been reported that Jon Lester is already down in Ft. Meyers. Many other Red Sox players are soon to follow soon.

On February 16th, pitchers and catchers will have their first scheduled workout. February 20th is the officially reporting date for position players. February 22nd is the first team workout. And finally, on February 28th, the Red Sox will hold their first Spring Training game against Boston College.

Manny has recently said that he plans to show up to Spring Training on time this year! When's the last time he did that? It's a contract year, so I'm sure I'm not the only one sensing big things from the future Hall of Famer. I'd bet money on the fact that his numbers will put PECOTA to shame.


kj said...

Manny will be a beast next year. He's been working out like a crazy person and he loves Boston now.

Gerry said...

Manny as Manny again, with a healthy Papi again. Only this time they will be surrounded by Jacoby and Dustin, a confident Mikey, and a resurgent JD and Julio (or Jed), along with awesome Youk, Tek, Mayor Casey, and if we are very, very lucky, an incentivized Coco in a true 4-man outfield, starting 90 - 100 games to rest Manny, JD and Jacoby, playing another 30 - games late for Manny and pinch running, have 400+AB, hit .280, and steal 25 -30 bases.

If the key to the Sox winning is staying healthy and avoiding fatigue, preventive medicine is the key; so Coco is the key, in a true 4-man outfield, which would be the best in baseball, at bat, on the basepaths and, of course, D.

Olde Town Glory said...

Good point on avoiding fatigue Gerry. Sean Casey could also come in handy there. The Red Sox are more likely to give Youk or Lowell time off when they can replace him with a guy who can hit .300 and get on base at a rate of .350. Compare that to Hinske who hit .204 and got on base at a rate of .317.

Now if only they got a decent backup catcher.