Sunday, February 10, 2008

Could the Red Sox Look at Sheets For Help?

With the loss of Curt Schilling to injury, the Red Sox are likely entertaining the idea of bringing in outside help. As of now, there's a chance that Schilling could come back in the second half of the season. So I find it unlikely that the Red Sox will look to replace him just yet. But around the trade deadline, the Red Sox should get a better idea of how Schilling's rehab is progressing.

There's also the possibility that another Red Sox starter could go down to injury. Wakefield is 41-years-old and he's had some struggles with injuries the past two years. Josh Beckett has been healthy the last two years, but he's had injury troubles in the past as well.

Should the Red Sox look to add another starter to the team via trade, Sheets would be an ideal candidate. His availability will likely hinge on how competitive the Brewers are next year. But the Brewers contemplated trading Sheets this offseason. He's the highest paid player on the team, and he will be a free agent after the 2008 season.

Sheets has had large struggles with injury but the risk would be relatively low to bring him in for half a season. It's unlikely that the Brewers will bring him back after he's failed to reach the 160 innings mark in any of the last three seasons. And since there's very little left on his contract, a deal for Sheets likely wouldn't require giving up a lot of talent.

The Red Sox talked to the Brewers about Sheets earlier in the offseason, before news of Schilling's injury. I don't see why they wouldn't return to talks should they need starting help once the season begins. The Red Sox could potentially have a lot of spare parts. Coco Crisp, Julian Tavarez, Jed Lowrie, Justin Masterson, Craig Hansen or Ryan Kalish could be included in a potential deal for the Brewers ace.

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Gerry said...

No, No, No, No, No. Coco, Lowrie, Masterson, Hansen, Kalish, Tavarez are NOT spare parts.

Coco is one of the best outfielders in the game. Lowrie will be a cross between Pedroia and Ellsbury, and will be needed this yearfor similar effecgt. Hansen came up too fast and too early, has had his surgery, and could reach his very high upside now. Kalish is the near future, with power. Tavarez continues to be steady Eddy in rough times.

Here's a thought. Let's keep our team intact, bring up more prospects, don't develop any more great talent for other teams. Examples:

1. Give tough MLB ready Devern Hansack a proper shot now. His AAA #'s in AAA with 139IP are 10- 7, 3.61ERA, 131K, 1.19WHIP. In Winter League in 5 games, 6.2IP, he is 8K with 2.75ERA, which offsets his quick rookie visit of 6.2IP in Boston with 5K and 4.7ERA.

2. Give MLB ready David Pauley a proper shot now. In 154.2IP at AAA, he had a 6 - 6 record with 110K, ERA 4.33 and a WHIP of 1.39.

Is it possible that Hansack and Pauley, between them, could deliver the 10 -12 wins that Schlll would have in 2008? Given 25 games, yes.

My point is, let's use the kids we developed, and not trade them unless necessary, and only then on our terms, to keep as many of our homegrowns in the system. The days of MiLB players as pawns is about over.