Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Andy Pettitte was again caught lying about his use of performance enhancing drugs. He testified in front of congress that he used HGH in 2004 in addition to 2002. This is the third different story that he's told since he was first implicated by Jason Grimsley. At that time he claimed that he never used HGH.

Then when he was implicated in the Mitchell Report and admitted to using HGH in 2002. He claimed it was a one time mistake which he then regretted. But now he's admitted to using HGH two years later. I didn't believe Pettitte's convenient admission of one time use after the Mitchell Report came out, but I'm inclined to believe him now. But Pettitte's lied on multiple occasions about his HGH use so his credibility is more than a little suspect.

Some have speculated that Pettitte's past HGH use could be a distraction this season. He'll have to deal with questions about it all season long and 20 years from now, HGH use will likely be what Pettitte is most remembered for. I'm sure he'll hear it from the Fenway Faithful throughout the season. The Yankees come to Fenway Park first time in early April this year.


Anonymous said...

is Rodney Harrison going to mostly remembered for his HGH use? Shawn Merriman? Why would Pettitte? 20 years from now- this will all be a footnote in history.

Olde Town Glory said...

I wouldn't be surprised if they were and they didn't play a role in implicating one of the best players in the history of their sport. Once you have the black mark of PEDs on your record, that's your legacy.