Thursday, February 14, 2008

Caught Him!

According to ESPN, the Fed's have a drug test from 2001, in which Bonds tested positive for steroids. It had begun to leak that the perjury case against Bonds wasn't very strong. The belief among many is that Bonds would likely walk. But this obviously changes things.

And for all those Hall of Fame voters who still would have voted for Bonds since he never failed a drug test? They'll have to come up with a different excuse now, or just not vote for him. Bonds failed the drug test just a month after he broke the home run record.

Not only does this look bad for Bonds, but it looks just as bad for Bud Selig. I think it's a pretty clear indicator of what everyone's always suspected. Selig didn't care at all about steroids use because it meant larger profits for Major League Baseball.

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